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Million Youth March

Sept 6, 2003

Million Youth March


Location: Brooklyn NY- Fulton Street

National Release
February 26, 2003
Press Contact (202) 234 8878

The Million Youth March, first held on Saturday September 5th 1998 in Harlem New York, is returning to New York City. The Manhattan based Million Youth March was very successful despite vehement opposition in and out of courtroom from then New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Inspired by the Million Man March of 1995, The Million Youth March was convened by Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad, the former National Spokesman for NOI Leader Min. Louis Farrakhan. Thousands upon thousands packed the streets of Malcolm X Boulevard to hear a message of Black Power, Self Determination, and bringing a new generation of leadership to birth.

On Saturday September 6th 2003 the Million Youth March will return, this time to BROOKLYN NEW YORK on Fulton Street. The Black Power theme for this 5 year anniversary will be "Justice For Our Youth, Unity & Peace In The Streets, Opposing Bush and His War on Iraq." The Youth March will be preceded on September 4th and 5th by the National New Leadership Convention. We are expecting hundreds of thousands from all over the city and nation for our righteous and peaceful cause.

This Massive Youth March effort is sincerely aimed at the critical issues confronting Black and Brown Youth as well as the community and world in general. The Million Youth March is a sincere effort to permanently organize for an end to the senseless violence in our community, bring about a greater unity, and give better education to our youth. The March is also an effort to abolish the injustices our youth and people face such as police brutality, racism and an un-just court, jail and prison for profit system. We are also calling Black Youth into the best tradition of our struggle to resist the evils of this warmongering Bush led government and reject the attack on Iraq and other nations. This March will address the all the key issues of the day for African Americans and the thrust will be led by the next generation. (please read the Million Youth March 10 Point Program)

The Million Youth March will feature Black and Brown youth, College Students, Churches, High Schools Students, Rap Artists, Social Service and Youth Service Organizations, Middle School Students, Entertainment Industry Figures, Black Student Organizations, Black Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Graduate Students, "Gang" Members (Street Organizations), Mosques, "Thugs", Youth Activists, Scholars, Elders, Politicians, Dee Jays, Pastors, Revolutionaries, Sisters Brothers, Parents, Teachers, Journalists, Magazines, and the Whole Black, Brown and Red Family in Unity to this history making march.

This Sept 6th 2003, Million Youth March and New Leadership Convention is being called for and convened by the National Youth Director and legal counsel of the 1998 Million Youth March, Attorney Malik Shabazz. Atty. Shabazz, the President of Black Lawyers For Justice and the National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party was also instrumental in the legal victories against the Guiliani Administration, allowing the 1998 March to take place in Harlem. The Million Youth March March Honorary Co-Conveners are Dr James McIntosh, Dr. James Small, Sister Betty Dopson, and Dr. Jeffries who will chair a board of Honorary Co-Conveners to be announced soon.

The National Field Director For the Million Youth March is Minister Hashim Nzinga (the 1998 Million Youth March National Field Director) The National Youth Director for this March is Minister Divine Allah, National Representative and National Youth Minister for the New Black Panther Party.

Also in the works at this hour are: A MYM National Student-Youth Committee of Youth Leaders and College Students; MYM National Social Services-YouthOrganization Committee; MYM National Hip Hop and Entertainment Committee; MYM National Prison and Political Prisoner outreach Committee, and other structures that will ensure permanent solutions and results from this 2003 Million Youth March.



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The New Leadership Convention will take place Thursday September 4th and Friday September 5th at key locations in Harlem and Brooklyn. This national convention will feature the new generation of leaders and young people as well as experienced teachers, elders and revolutionary role models who can guide the way

Atty. Malik Shabazz states, "We are having the Million Youth March again and the New Leadership Convention because educating, mobilizing and getting justice for our Youth is still a number one priority, and of course stopping the violence. President George W. Bush and his reckless warmongering against Iraq presents an imminent danger to the safety and liberty of the peoples on the earth, and a new generation must be politicized and flood the streets to confront the evils of this current administration before it is too late. We also must keep the legacy and fighting spirit of Dr. Khallid Muhammad alive. This is more than just a march but a permanent move for power for our people "



Call MYM National Headquarters (202) 234 8878
For National Matters, Press Information, Sponsorship, Vending or Donations
Address PO Box 4481 Washington DC 20017


To Join Local Organizing Committees and Get Information call these regional Headquarters

Northeast: NY (212) 387 2077 NJ (609) 615 3453
Southeast: Atlanta (770) 954 9197
Mid Atlantic: Washington DC (202) 726 0029
Midwest (Chicago) 773 488 7223
South Dallas (214) 375- 6195
Los Angeles (323) 294 3647
London PHONE NO.01144-7940081651.

Website will launch on 4-1-2003


Saturday September 6th 2003, Brooklyn NY



1. BLACK POWER AND UNITY: The call again is for Power for Black People and a demand for Unity. In order to achieve Black Power we must first have Unity (Umoja) and end the unnecessary divisions that keep us from making progress The Million Youth March will define, defend and develop what is in the best interests of our people. Our Goal is self determination (Kugichagulia). Power is the ability to determine what we want for our people and actually achieve it. We announce unity with Africa, peoples of African Descent, our Brown family, and other peoples of color who seek to be liberated all over the world.

2. JUSTICE FOR OUR YOUTH: The Million Youth March marches for an end to the injustices suffered by Black and Brown Youth. These injustices include: poor schools, lack of real economic opportunity, poverty, poor health care, lack of due resources, and systematic racism. We march and organize to end to racism in a criminal court system that lands the youth in jail- not in our own jobs and schools. We march for economic justice and real alternatives to hustling and drug dealing. We march and organize against the continuing evils of police brutality and misconduct. We, in the spirit of self determination, as a community pledge to unite and effectively combat these injustices and to do justice by our own youth.

3. PEACE IN THE STREETS: We are marching to stop the senseless violence that continues to ill affect our Youth and families. The Million Youth March will help to crush violence and self hatred and our Youth are declaring "we will not continue to hurt, kill each other or destroy ourselves". We march to unite gang members and so called thugs into street organizations dedicated to community development and defense. We will enact the power to bring peace to our own streets! We march to force the powers-that-be to help end poverty, false education, racism and negative living conditions which is the root cause of the violence.

4. OPPOSING GEORGE W. BUSH AND HIS WAR ON IRAQ: We are marching to oppose Bush's war on the Iraqi people, and the other wars he is planning. We understand the current administration to be racist and violent in its function, also an advocate for American White World aggression, war, and illegal domination. We will not join and must resist Bush's oil driven, military madness against other people of color, and his dangerous domestic racial and religious profiling. We demand Black students and other youth get active and organize!

5. EDUCATION: The Million Youth March will educate and teach in the best of our tradition. It is our own responsibility to give a true education to our youth and people as whole. We march to encourage higher learning, advanced degrees, and a commitment of the learned back to our nation. The public school system is failing and many teachers need better support. We also educate and march with Parents and future parents, thereby paving the way for an enlightened and liberated future generation. We continue to march to establish and support our own schools to educate our youth in our own best interest. Our education program includes a special emphasis on proper diet and health practices.

6. BLACK ECONOMICS AND EMPLOYMENT: We must 'Do For Self', Buy Black, and support Black Business and entrepreneurs. "The economics of the Black community must be owned and controlled by the Black Community"- Malcolm X. We march for Black economic Power and UJAAMA (Cooperative Economics). We will establish our own products , businesses, and move towards a Black/ African Credit Union. Education is a must to insure an economic future. We (as in 1998) organize for Full and Complete Reparations and economic compensation for descendants of slaves and our Red 'Indian' Brothers and Sisters. The future generation will carry the torch of the Reparations Movement against all who owe us.

7. SPIRITUALITY, OUR GOD AND FAMILY: Million Youth March declares our cause to be Divine. We declare that Our God (our creator) is one. We march as Christians, Muslims, Traditional African and indigenousness faiths as a family. We must have spiritual unity. We call us back to our families, and for the Black man to return to his Divine greatness and duty. We will renew respect for our mother, women and elders. We call on Our God and the Ancestors to bless and protect the Million Youth March and we pledge to March as a family for our righteous, sincere and sacred cause. We call on Our God to rebuke and bind any negative or satanic forces that would act to oppose our well-intentioned objectives.

8. ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT, CULTURE, AND MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS: We march to highlight the best of our tradition in music, song, theatre, poetry, literature, and communications. We call on our artists, entertainers, rappers, journalists and media personnel to reconsider their works, resist exploitive tendencies and join in the fight for justice. We march to advocate revolutionary hip-hop, music, media and a conscious entertainment culture that helps to free our people and give new meaning to the arts and communication . We promote African Centered thought, African culture and traditional values that are uniquely ours. The Million Youth March will distribute our own music and news as an example.

9. POLITICS: The Million Youth March will march for Black Political Power. We march to produce a new breed of representatives or politicians that will not sell us out. We pledge to register tens of thousands of young new voters nationwide who will be educated to vote in our own best interests. We pledge to register tens of thousands of new voters also, to serve on jury duty so that we can affect justice from inside the courtroom. The Million Youth March Movement will establish a permanent political structure to address our political needs . We will endorse candidates, run candidates and shun candidates according to our needs under a Black Agenda. This March will also highlight the causes of Political Prisoners and the incarcerated and set up permanent structures to aid our Political Prisoners. "The politics of the black community must be controlled by the black community"-Malcolm X

10. THE MILLION YOUTH MARCH MOVEMENT: THE MILLION YOUTH MARCH IS A PERMANENT MOVEMENT FOR POWER. This is not just a march for one day but the launching pad of a serious movement. We are building permanent committees, organizations, and structures to carry out our 10 point MYM agenda in the community. Before and after this march our Movement will serve as a Black United Front to carry out our 10 point action agenda. We as organizers commit the entire Million Youth March as a real solution to furthering the Black Agenda and preparing a new generation to serve and lead.

(202) 726-0029


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