Jonas Savimbi Dead

This Monster Is Dead!

Text of the statement by the Angolan Government announcing the death of terrorist, mass murderer, cia backed, unita leader
Jonas (Judas) Savimbi

The government of the Republic of Angola confirms and informs the national and international public opinion of the death of Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, who to date led the armed groups responsible for the destruction of the infrastructures and the death of innocent civilians throughout the country.

The government of the Republic of Angola appeals to all those, that voluntarily or involuntarily, were associated to these terrorist practices to reconsider their options and reintegrate themselves in the normal life of the country, contributing in this way to the consolidation of the democratization and national reconciliation process.

At an appropriate time and after taking into account the signs that we will receive from those who still want to continue with the war, the government will be issuing a communiqué containing a detailed programme to cease all hostilities in Angola.

Appeal For Calm

The government reiterates its intention to completely implement the Lusaka Protocol and also considers that all Angolan political parties are essential for Angola's democratization.

The government of the Republic of Angola appeals to the entire nation to remain calm and tranquil, respecting law and order, particularly the right to differences and peaceful co-existence of all Angolans.

The government once again lauds the Angolan Armed Forces, the National Police, the Civil Defense and the intelligence community for its performance, dedication and courage with which it has carried out its mission of defending the national territory, the security of the populations' lives and the protection of the public infrastructures as well as the citizens' possessions.

Aug 2001 Jonas Savimbi and unita terrorists, laid a landmine on a railway track about 150 km southeast of Luanda derailing the train, and proceeded to gun down passengers as they fled the burning train, killing many innocent women, children and elderly.

From The Front

Angolan rebel leader Jonas Savimbi fought until the very end, say officers who have been describing their final gun battle with the man who spent most of the last 40 years in armed conflict.

Brigadier Wala, who headed the army unit that killed Savimbi, told the Portuguese news agency Lusa he had died like a soldier, "with a gun in his hand".

The 67-year-old unita leader was killed on Friday alongside 21 of his bodyguards on the banks of the Luvuei River in the eastern province of Moxico, he said.

Savimbi had not been easy to catch. He had tried to lay false scents with "diversionary maneuvers such as crossing various rivers, including the Luvuei and the Luonze".

The army caught up with him, Brigadier Wala said, after killing two of his most senior officers, Brigadier Mbule and General "Big Joy".

The latter's death was a serious setback, as it deprived Savimbi of diversionary troops who had until then concentrated on attracting attention away from their leader.

Savimbi was further weakened when he "lost important means of communication" by radio.

"Savimbi decided to rest. Confident, as always, he had nonetheless placed his units on alert," Brigadier Wala said.

"Too late, we had already surprised them. He fought back with gunfire, and that's why he was killed," said Brigadier Wala.

"He tried to resist with his gun, but then he was dead."

Savimbi was wanted as a war criminal on three grounds. 1. the crimes against the Angolan people when he collaborated with the Portuguese colonialists. 2. The crimes against the peoples of the region and against Angolans when he collaborated with the apartheid military machine to destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands of Angolans. 3. The crimes committed in Kuito, Huambo, Uige and all those cities where hundreds of thousands died between 1993 and 1994.

Buried under a tree

Savimbi was shot a total of 15 times - once in the throat, twice in the head, and the rest in the chest, legs and arms.

The army offensive was dubbed Kissonde, named after a violent ant, state media said.

One of his four wives, Catarina, was captured and is in the hospital in Luena, the capital of Moxico Province.

Savimbi is reported to have been buried on Saturday in the village of Lucusse, about 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) south-east of the capital, Luanda, under a tree near where he was killed.


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