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Millions For Reparations March

Sept 13, 2003

Reparations Now! Reparations Now! Reparations Now!......

The Durban 400 announces
Millions For Reparation March, Protest and Demonstration

The Durban 400, a group lead by NBUF and the December 12th Movement at the World Conference Against Racism and that influenced the "Declaration" that the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and Slavery was a crime Against Humanity is calling for a Millions For Reparations March, Protest, and Demonstration  at the United Nations, in New York City on September 13, 2003. 

The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, Slavery, and Jim Crow set the stage for the 21st Century. The policy of entrenched racism has emanated from all branches of the United States government, from the days of the auction block to the recent United States walkout of the United Nations World Conference Against Racism held in Durban, South Africa. The United States government has relentlessly held on to its white supremacist ideology.

The exploitation of African people in this country has taken many forms through the years. The centuries of chattel slavery laid the foundation of our relationship to America. From the sharecropping fields to the factories, African labor built the "super power" that is the United States. In return, we have endured the terrorism of the Ku Klux Klan, systematic lynchings, chain gangs, plantation prisons, police torture and murder, poverty, mis-education, inadequate housing, unemployment, welfare WEP programs, ACS child kidnappings, voter discrimination, crack, heroin, Rockefeller drug laws, Political Prisoners, and the assassination of our leaders, However, we're still here!!!

The demand for reparations for African people is just and simple. It is simply and attempt to "repair," to "make whole" the descendants of the victims of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, which was a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY! Crimes against humanity have no stature of limitations. And our people still suffer from the vestiges of their enslavement and colonization.


We must Struggle for Self-Determination !

We must Fight for Liberation !

Every African in American owes it to him/herself to support the fight for REPARATIONS 

Thanks for your support. Please send your mailing and/or e-mail address so that we can send you more information.

Yours in the struggle,

Viola Plummer & Conrad Worrill,

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