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By Junious Ricardo Stanton

     Things That Make You Go Hmm...

                Our collective mind has been raped, violated and penetrated with white perceptions and white belief systems. Our behavior cannot help but be white-inspired. What other way do we know as a people? Unless black people change their thinking, we will be phased out of existence like obsolete equipment. Remember, we are neither needed or wanted by the society at large. Machines provide the labor Black people used to. Machines and computers are cheaper and less troublesome than people, especially Blacks.”- Olomenji from an essay entitled Mentacide, Genocide and national Vision The Crossroads For The Blacks In America


                Most black people expressed surprise and shock that the DC area sniper was a black man. On the talk shows and in newspapers folks were quoted as saying this was unusual, that black’s don’t randomly kill, they usually take out their frustrations on anyone they are having a beef with, but to engage in a killing spree is hard for most to fathom. Has it ever occurred to you that John Allen Muhammad and his accomplish John Lee Malvo were patsies, set ups or pawns in a sophisticated government Special Ops campaign. Sound too conspiratorial for you? Click on your browser and type in CIA MK ULTRA Mind Control and see what comes up. Read a few of the articles and entries, then see if this is as far fetched as you first thought. What is MK ULTRA? It was a CIA operation that began during the 1950's when the US wanted to offset the propaganda and torture they felt the Chinese were subjecting US soldiers to during the Korean conflict. What evolved was a fiendish array of experiments and activities that make the Nazis look like choir boys. (Speaking of Nazis, check out Operation Paperclip) Beginning in the late 1940's and early 1950's the CIA experimented using hypnotism and later LSD on unsuspecting subjects, they conducted mind control experiments, personality altering drugs and mind programming, they experimented with psycho tropic drugs, surgery, electro-convulsive shock and lobotomies to program people to withstand pain and torture, they developed ways to induce temporary amnesia and program people to do things they normally would not do upon command and to have no recollection of their behavior afterwards. On one occasion the CIA gave Frank Olson an Army scientist pure LSD and he subsequently jumped to his death from a ten story window. The CIA’s goal was to create “Manchurian Candidates” programmed zombies who would unwittingly do the nefarious bidding of the CIA and US and not bring a direct connection or attention to either entity. Most records regarding MK ULTRA were destroyed by CIA Director Richard Helms but those that survived provide a chilling glimpse into the devilish mentality of the CIA and the shot callers in the ruling elite hierarchy. Just as COINTELPRO was “supposedly” disbanded by Congressional fiat but in reality has continued as underground operations or disbursed to other government agencies, is MK ULTRA still up and running? Could John Allen Muhammad who was trained to be a sharpshooter/sniper be a victim of reincarnated MK ULTRA activities? Hmmm? What was the deal with reports about the box van and white van and Muhammad and Malvo being captured in a blue Chevy Caprice? Why the campaign of disinformation? Hmmm?

                Speaking of CIA operatives, whatever happened to Osama Bin-Laden? In Bush and Co.’s seemingly perpetual War On Terrorism will we the beleaguered tax payers, the ones footing the bills for Bush’s ongoing wars which by the way, is making his family and their friends filthy rich, ever see any signs of victory? Or will we morph from one battlefront to another, demonizing, targeting and substituting one former CIA operative/bogeyman for another until AmeriKKKa ushers in a New World Order with its ruling elites as the emperors overseeing the AmeriKKKan Empire’s grab for oil and other natural resources?  If there is a regime change in Iraq will things turn out better there than in say Afghanistan where the puppet president Hamed Karzai installed with the backing of AmeriKKKa and Britain ( he was a former UNOCAL pipeline consultant) has to be guarded and protected by mercenaries (MRPI corporate contract soldiers and security) because the country is so volatile and the government so fragile the government is unable to stand by itself or protect the pawns the US has set in place. Is this what AmeriKKKa  has to look forward to in Iraq? Hmm?

                Speaking of soldiers and mercenaries, did you know there is a bill pending in the US Congress to reactive the military draft? It ‘s HR 3598 The Universal Military Training Act of 2001. It calls for no deferments or exemptions even for Conscientious Objectors! Hmmm So far it hasn’t gotten a lot of co-sponsors or publicity. But what happens if things get sticky in Afghanistan or Iraq like they did in Somalia? What if  US troops stationed in Central Asia preparing to guard miles and miles of privately owned gas and oil pipelines (what you didn’t know US troops were stationed in Central Asia? )  are fired on; or if the action gets hot and heavy in several areas at once? Will the AmeriKKKan Empire be forced to resort to hiring MRPI, Brown and Root, Vinnell or any of the other global mercenary companies to do its dirty work? Hmmm? The plot thickens...  

 Junious Ricardo Stanton produce and host a Internet radio program titled The Digital Underground which airs live on Sundays from 12 pm- 2 pm eastern standard time on come lets support our warrior!

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