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By Junious Ricardo Stanton

     Media Diversions



               How is it the same corporate owned media that has is such a dismal record of recruiting, hiring and retaining people of color in their, newsrooms, studios and editorial boards is having a field day with Trent Lott? Not only is it hypocritical it is deceitful because usually when they go whole hog over stories that contain sex, political scandal or race these stories serve as diversions for some other issue or issues the ruling elites donít want the masses to know about or question. Sure Bush doesnít need the type of statements Lott made at Strom Thurmanís birthday party while he is aggressively drumming up his war where a disproportionate number of people of color will be on the front lines fighting for his imperialist global agenda for god (gold oil and drugs). It creates a problem because black and brown people will be loath to risk their lives for white men who wistfully yearn for the days of AmeriKKKan segregation/apartheid. But all the brouhaha about Lottís statement and speculation about him being a racist ( how could he not be given white supremacy is the cultural bedrock of AmeriKKKa and considering his personal background) took the focus off of Henry Kissingerís resignation as head of the upcoming 9-11 Investigation Commission and the recently released Congressional Joint Inquiry Into 9-11.  This is a common tactic used by the mass media when they want to keep something from Bubba and Louise or they want to minimize public awareness and debate about a particular issue. Kissingerís resignation, the how and why he resigned are crucial for our understanding of how the game is really played, also for understanding the implications surrounding 9-11 and the Congressional investigation while the question of Trent Lott being a racist is old hat.  

               We need to understand how the news media works. Editors, that is assignment editors, lay out editors and news program editors decide which story is will lead or which stories will be given prominence on any given day or newscast. They determine the amount of space or time an issue or story is given. What Tent Lott said, really wasnít news he had stated this in public on numerous occasions, he even said so. So why play it up? In fact the media didnít even mention it until several days after he said it.  Itís not as if the mainstream media has our best interests at heart or they care about our feelings; because if they did the tone, tenor and content of their papers, or news programs would be a whole lot different! You can only tell one story at a time on television news and in a newspaper only so much material can go on a page. So if you fill the page with old news, new material canít get on. The Trent Lott firestorm blotted out discussion of  Henry Kissingerís resignation just a few weeks after Bush appointed him to head the 9-11 Investigation Commission.  Why did he resign? According to Kissinger too much emphasis was being placed on his client list disclosure, meaning he would have to reveal who his consulting firm works for, which individuals, governmentís, or multi-national corporations he is receiving money from. Since Kissinger does business on a global scale and has entre and access to many capitals and key players, there was the potential for a conflict of interest if one or more of his clients were directly or indirectly implicated in 9-11. For example Kissinger may have clients in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, we already know that Saudis, Egyptians and Pakistanis were directly involved in 9-11. What if there were connections to Kissingerís clients?  Before you go bonkers and label me a conspiracy kook go to your browser and type in CIA Operation Mockingbird, read some of the material listed therein, realize it started in the late 1940's and is still going on on an industry wide scale, then connect the dots with what I am saying.  

Why the diversion, by the media? Because if these issues were out in the open and as they say ďtransparentĒ it would raise more questions about 9-11, the investigation and the seriousness of the Bush administrationís attempts to cover up what really happened. Many people were skeptical once Kissinger was appointed because of his reputation as a war criminal and because the Bush administration has been avoiding getting to the bottom of what happened on 9-11. Both Bush and Cheney both lobbied aggressively against open and public joint hearings. But they the last thing they want is for their plans or their dirty deeds made public. This not the first time something like this happened. Granted there is only so much space or air time available but editors do prioritize one story over others. For example back in the Spring and Summer of 2001 the main story that dominated the news in the US was Congressional Intern Chandra Levyís disappearance and the questions about Congressman Gary Conditís involvement in that. The story contained sex and politics, all the elements of a low grade mystery, voyeurism and soap opera drama. However while Dick and Jane were being force fed Chandra Levy, Europe was reporting on India and Pakistani officials revealing the US was preparing to take military action against the Taliban sometime in mid October 2001! Was that story ever played in AmeriKKKa? The answer is no, the question is why not?  If it is true and it is, it means Bush and Co planned to move on Afghanistan way before 9-11!  Add that to the fact we now know Bush and Co were briefed about specific terrorist plans during the week of September 9th and the concept of using airplanes as weapons was not new, the FBI and CIA were aware of Operation Bojinka and its global implications ( which is what the Joint Inquiry Into 9-11 final report says)  and we have even more valid questions about what was really going on in the Bush administration prior to, during and after 9-11. Kissingerís resignation adds fuel to the fire, because if Bush truly wanted an independent and honest investigation, he should have at least anticipated this and dealt with it so there were no appearances of conflict of interest or that the investigative panel was not going to aggressively go where the facts led them. The released Joint Inquiry Into 9-11 says all of this and more. Thatís why the elites used the race card with Lott to divert the publicís attention from that and the Kissinger fiasco.  

               There are other instances of this diversionary media tactic such as the 1991 long drawn out confirmation hearing for Uncle Clarence Thomas which took up all the news space while almost nothing was reported on the CIA Director confirmation hearings that were going on around the same time. Getting back to last week; with all the hoopla and attention focused on Trent Lott, there was even less space to report or dissect the just released findings of the Congressional Joint Inquiry Into 9-11 which took the US intelligence community to the proverbial woodshed for a spanking.  Like stage magicians or street hustlers running their pick a card or find the pea con game; the media distracted us while they shuffled the news to keep potentially damaging stories out of sight and our consciousness. The problem for them is the Internet. Because so many people can download foreign newspapers or alternative news sources (like   and )  the mainstream mediaís hold on the public mind is not as great as it was a generation ago or even five years ago. With the Rockefeller/Bush Big Brother agenda primed and ready to go into full effect, we need to think for ourselves, seek reliable alterative sources of information and dig for the truth behind the headlines. Your very life may depend upon it.



                 Junious Ricardo Stanton produce and host a Internet radio program titled The Digital Underground which airs live on Sundays from 12 pm- 2 pm eastern standard time on come lets support our warrior!

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