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By Junious Ricardo Stanton

     Things Aren’t Always As They Appear



                The evidence points clearly to the conclusion that Williams was involved in some larger criminal organization perhaps even the dark side of the federal government (with its gun control agenda). Most of the illegal activities mentioned above cannot be successfully engaged in as a loner. Williams was definitely part of a team just as every drug dealer is part of a larger network.” Joel Skousen an article dated Nov. 1, 2002 

                At first I though I was the only one skeptical of the spin disseminated by the government and corporate owned media about John Allen Williams and his cohort John Lee Malvo. Early on I read a piece by a former British military officer who stated the sniper seemed to be part of a Special Ops team. He noted how the sniper was able to get in get out without being seen or leave a trace. Also in Special Ops there are always operatives providing support, escape, contingency and deniability if and when something goes awry. In the sniper case we had a plethora of disinformation supplied by the media and so called “profiling” experts. Lo and behold after eluding the police and investigators, two guys are caught asleep in a vehicle that didn’t match the description originally reported by the media. In an article that appeared on the Website Joel Skousen a self described political scientist specializing in “the philosophy of law and Constitutional Theory”, a designer of high security residences and retreats a consultant for persons who need to relocate for security and increased self-sufficiency who also tracks the comings and goings of The New World Order operatives, pointed out several factors which indicate John Allen Williams was not some lone operator. According to public information, Williams was a trafficker in false identities, he lived in a homeless shelter but traveled extensively to the Caribbean, Florida, Salt Lake City, he was engaged in immigrant smuggling, there are conflicting stories about the ownership of the alleged murder weapon (a Bushmaster rifle) and he is a member of the Nation of Islam. Mr Skousen obviously has his own perspective and agenda but there is enough material here for us to discern something is rotten in D.C.

                 African-Americans were shocked to discover Williams and his accomplish were black. Knowing how advocates for The New World Order do business, I wasn’t shocked. I did suspect the culprit would be painted as a Middle Eastern Muslim in order to keep the hype on the War On Terrorism and the War against Islam and Arabs going.( I am no Arab sympathizer but you hate to see people demonized for stuff they didn’t do. Arabs have enough evil to account for without this.) The fact that Williams is a Black Muslim fits the bill even better and accomplishes several objectives.  Minister Farrakhan has been speaking against Bush’s War on Iraq, Williams’ arrest and membership in the NOI,  puts Farrakhan on the defensive, cooling him out long enough for Bush to get on with his War. It also targets blacks, a group egregiously victimized by the AmeriKKKan government and system from jump street, who have every right to speak out and protest against its evil, as potential terrorists and targets of repressive crackdowns. It also keeps the profile of Muslims as terrorists alive and on an unconscious level it generates even more fear because Williams was “a home grown terrorist”. Think about this, the sniper disinformation scenario is identical to what happened in Oklahoma City where the initial reports stated “Middle Eastern” looking males were the culprits, only to later have Timothy McVeigh, a disgruntled white boy, arrested, tried and convicted amidst numerous unanswered questions and irregularities. The Oklahoma City bombing and the subsequent 9-11 debacle, effectively drove the white militia movement which was extremely vocal and critical of the US-New World Order program underground. September 11th and its aftermath have, except for a handful, reduced Democrats to punkified sycophants for the Bush agenda.

                 Notice additional heinous crimes are being attributed nation wide to Williams and his sidekick Malvo; which may be used by a media which routinely portrays black men as criminals as a ruse to target black men as potential terrorists. Given what we know about COINTELPRO, Operation CHAOS,  the Gulf of Ton kin, and the first Gulf War, we can’t believe anything the government says nor ascribe righteous motives to their actions.  I certainly don’t have answers, the Williams case is still evolving, but I have provided enough questions to stimulate you to think for yourself. That’s better than falling for the government’s proverbial okie-doke.

 Junious Ricardo Stanton produce and host a Internet radio program titled The Digital Underground which airs live on Sundays from 12 pm- 2 pm eastern standard time on come lets support our warrior!

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