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By Junious Ricardo Stanton


 Selling AmeriKKKan Imperialism

"Information warfare" blurs the line between distributing factual information and psychological warfare. During the current buildup against Iraq, for example, the Bush administration's statements have been calculated to create confusion about whether an actual US invasion is imminent. Such confusion can be a useful weapon against an enemy, forcing Saddam Hussein to divide his efforts between diplomatic initiatives and military preparations. The confusion is so complete, however, that even the American people have little idea what their leaders are actually planning."- War Is Sell- Laura Miller PR Vol.9

Most AmeriKKKans are unaware they are active targets of an intense media blitz designed to control their thinking, define how they see reality and shape what they believe. Most of us are cognizant of the advertising industry, how it uses images, voices and text to deceive us, make us feel inadequate and prompt us to buy things we don't really want let alone need. The manufactured desire for these things fuels AmeriKKKa's fixation with consumerism, materialism and mindless Pavlovian spending. People don't realize in addition to the advertising industry stream we are also being manipulated via the media by cunning PR and propaganda experts. I suggest you log onto the Website and peruse their archives and current articles which explain just how insidious this process it. For example it is not widely known that the propaganda campaign that helped win AmeriKKKan support for the first Gulf War was not only false, it was the work of a high powered Washington D.C. based PR firm Hill and Knowlton whose, client the Kuwaiti government, paid them $11 million dollars to get Bubba and Louise to give their blessings to a war that was unnecessary at best, a sham and set up at worst. I won't go into all the details but let's just say Saddam Hussein had every reason to be angry with Kuwait, they were slant drilling into Iraq and stealing oil! He even checked with Washington before he invaded to get Bush the First's feelings on the issue. Hussein was told the U.S. would not intervene in the issue. Needless to say they double crossed him and in so doing also deceived and double crossed the AmeriKKKan public. They claimed thousands of Iraqi soldiers were poised on the border ready to invade Saudi Arabia, later it was discovered the photos of the so called Iraqi army Bush used were false! The U.S. government deceived the public by employing high powered PR firms who sold the idea that the Gulf War was a good war, one on which AmeriKKKa was the good guy. Bush's message resonated with an AmeriKKKa desperately in need of a military self-image make over in light of the Vietnam debacle. For a better understanding of PR in general and how Hill and Knowlton duped the AmeriKKKan public read Douglas Rushkoff's book Coercion Why We Listen To What "They" Say published by Riverhead Books.

Now Bush Jr is using the same tricks what the Black Muslims used to call Tricknology, to deceive the masses and manipulate them to support blatant imperialism and a global bum rush for god (gold, oil and drugs) in Central. Asia, Afghanistan, Iraq and coming soon Columbia South America. Bush and Co. are pathetically obvious with their stuff. I don't know whether they have no respect for the intelligence of the AmeriKKKan public or they just think people will go for the proverbial okie-doke. At any rate the Bush administration is leaving no stone unturned as they use disinformation, stealth and psychological operations on the AmeriKKKan public. This combination is lethal to our minds, as Africans in AmeriKKKa we have been under this relentless psychological assault and brainwashing for three hundred eighty-four years. It has proven to be so successful we unconsciously deny and negate our genocide at the hands of white people. The sad reality is the ruling elites have been dong this since day one, playing ethnic groups against each other, instigating gender and class warfare to divide and rule. The game goes on unless it suits their fancy to manipulate the people to come together and rally for a cause that enriches or benefits them; like the impending war in Iraq. The ruling elites are pulling out all the stops to trick us into going for the okie-doke that Saddam Hussein and Iraq pose an imminent threat to this country and the world, that he was involved in 9-11. As Laura Miller points out in her article in "The techniques being used to sell a war in Iraq are familiar PR strategies. The message is developed to resonate with the targeted audiences through the use of focus groups and other types of market research and media monitoring. The delivery of the message is tightly controlled. Relevant information flows to the media and the public through a limited number of well-trained messengers, including seemingly independent third parties." Bush's plans include public and private resources to obfuscate the issues and make war seem like peace, evil like right. Miller also states, "A seamless blend of private and public money and organizations are executing their war campaign in the face of a sinking US economy and increasing public opposition to attacking Iraq. But with a Republican-controlled Congress and a largely pliant corporate media, there is little to challenge the White House agenda. Its diplomatic and political maneuvers have been tightly choreographed in concert with a handful of right-wing think tanks, the newly concocted Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, and well connected PR and lobby firms that now dominate media coverage of US foreign policy in the Middle East." While Bush's PR campaign is thorough it's still not potent enough to overcome the natural skepticism most AmeriKKKans have about this war. Bush and Co. are not about to let up, they have invested too much into this charade to turn back now. They plan to keep pressing their case no matter how fascist and megalomaniacal they look doing it.

AmeriKKKa is at a critical juncture in its existence. It has always been genocidal but now the ruling elites are drunk with arrogance. We don't have to go out like this. The time to resist is now! Make the time to research the power and influence PR and propaganda play in our lives, it's real. Over 60% of what passes for news in the newspapers and electronic media is really PR/ propaganda. These fascist warmongers are skilled at getting their point across. Check out how they do it, start recognizing it when you see it and think for yourself, form your own opinions and conclusions so you don't continue to fall for the okie-doke. Once we understand how they are manipulating us, then the question becomes, what are we going to do about it?!



 Junious Ricardo Stanton produce and host a Internet radio program titled The Digital Underground which airs live on Sundays from 12 pm- 2 pm eastern standard time on come lets support our warrior!

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