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By Junious Ricardo Stanton


 What Is Fascism, Is Amerikkka A Fascist State?

most people hear the word "fascism" they naturally think of its ugly racism and anti-Semitism as practiced by the totalitarian regimes of Mussolini and Hitler. But there was also an economic policy component of fascism, known in Europe during the 1920s and '30s as "corporatism," that was an essential ingredient of economic totalitarianism as practiced by Mussolini and Hitler. So- called corporatism was adopted in Italy and Germany during the 1930s and was held up as a "model" by quite a few intellectuals and policy makers in the United States and Europe. A version of economic fascism was in fact adopted in the United States in the 1930s and survives to this day. In the United States these policies were not called "fascism" but "planned capitalism." The word fascism may no longer be politically acceptable, but its synonym "industrial policy" is as popular as ever."- Thomas J. DiLorenzo


Several writers myself included have taken to referring to AmeriKKKa as a fascist state. When most people hear the word fascism they recall images of high stepping Nazi SS soldiers saluting Adolph Hitler the totalitarian dictator of Germany whose militarism and imperialism dragged the colonial powers of Europe, Japan and AmeriKKKa into an hegemonic struggle over the world's land, labor and resources. Those brainwashed between the1930's and 1980's think of Hitler foremost and Benito Mussolini of Italy second. Few if any would even consider the United States of AmeriKKKa a fascist state, so thorough is our indoctrination and bamboozlement. Most people don't even know what fascism is. We have been conditioned to think of AmeriKKKa in grand and noble terms although it is indeed a fascist nation politically and economically! AmeriKKKa has always been a rabidly, racist police state, it had to be. The Europeans who came to this hemisphere came for conquest and plunder. The Spanish called themselves Conquistadors, conquerors. They were commissioned by the Pope blessed and exhorted to ravage the "New World" in the name of the King, their god and church. Once gold was discovered Western Europe went berserk attempting to stake their claims.

Out this predatory legacy, with the elites' unwillingness to work for what they got, the whites came here and forced the indigenous inhabitants to do their dirty work for them. When that proved unsuccessful because the pathologically diseased Europeans laid waste to the natives, they looked elsewhere for cheap labor. They turned to Africa continuing the Portuguese practice of kidnapping and later bartering for humans and the trans-Atlantic slave trade was born. To maintain order and control in the English colonies a brutally repressive form of slavery was instituted. Poor whites and indentured servants who were one step away from serfdom themselves, were pressed into service and compelled to support the police state as it waged war against the Indians and brutally suppressed the Africans. To better glean the scope of ruthlessness and the thoroughness of the police state, read A. Leon Higginbotham Jr.'s In The Matter of Color and Kenneth M. Stampp's The Peculiar Institution. Many of us are familiar with the legalized racial cast in AmeriKKKa, what we may not be familiar with is the rise of cooperate fascism and how it plays itself out now.

AmeriKKKan fascism is not new. Many upper class AmeriKKKans embraced fascism in the 1930's. Rich Gibson in an essay entitled What Is Fascism? Stated, "Fascism and capitalism are inseparable. There has never been a form of capital that was not built on a fascist base--from early British action against the Chartists to today's varieties of imperialism. All major capitalist nations have fascist ties. Hence, while fascism may not be the dominant form of capitalist government, elements of fascist ideology (biological determinism, rabid nationalism, etc.) and fascist organizations (sectors of the police, KKK, skinheads, etc.) are always present. No capitalist government has ever required a revolution to institute fascism. Fascism does emerge in capitalist crises, the moments when the struggle for production reaches a point when the workers can no longer purchase the products they produce, a crisis of over-production and declining profits and/or an intense battle for cheaper labor, raw materials, and new markets; that is, war." Are we not seeing this intense and protracted battle for cheaper labor, raw materials and new markets in the form of globalism with the IMF and World Bank doing the bidding of global capitalists and as Bush & Co. indiscriminately push for war in their quest for god (gold, oil and drugs)? In a piece entitled Economic Fascism Thomas DiLorenzo wrote, "The essence of fascism, therefore, is that government should be the master, not the servant, of the people. Think about this. Does anyone in America really believe that this is not what we have now? Are Internal Revenue Service agents really our "servants"? Is compulsory "national service" for young people, which now exists in numerous states and is part of a federally funded program, not a classic example of coercing individuals to serve the state? Isn't the whole idea behind the massive regulation and regimentation of American industry and society the notion that individuals should be forced to behave in ways defined by a small governmental elite? When the nation's premier health-care reformer recently declared that heart bypass surgery on a 92-year-old man was 'a waste of resources,' wasn't that the epitome of the fascist ideal-that the state, not individuals, should decide whose life is worthwhile, and whose is a 'waste' "

Most AmeriKKKans are opposed to a pre-emptive war against Iraq, yet Bush is determined to start one to depose the ruler of a sovereign nation who has done nothing to AmeriKKKa, expropriate his nation's oil and exploit it's geo-strategic location vis a vis the Persian Gulf and Central Asia. The Bush administration refuses to prosecute its corporate cronies and benefactors in the Enron scandal, or honestly investigate the malfeasance and or treachery in the 9-11 debacle and corporate/government collusion with regards to energy policy, the War on Terrorism yet surreptitiously whittling away the civil rights and procedural guarantees of their vaulted Constitution and Bill of Rights? (The same documents that codified slavery, racial exclusion and oppression).Is this "democracy" or is it fascism? AmeriKKKa's growing willingness to continue using its' superior military force and weapons of mass destruction against much weaker nations, the Native Americans, Mexico, Spain, Haiti, Chile, Laos, Viet Nam, Cambodia etc. reveals its' psychopathic bully like and cowardly nature despite all the Rambo and Dirty Harry type films that massage and warped psyches of Euro-AmeriKKKans. There was a time because black folks were the prime targets of AmeriKKKa's terrorism, excluded from policy making and decision making positions or even privy to the plans of the oppressors we could shake our heads and say, "white folks are crazy". But now with Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice in the loop, numerous blacks in visible positions in corporate AmeriKKKa and so few black voices rising to oppose what is going on, we're no longer exempt from the world's indignation and condemnation; and rightly so. The new face of fascism is AmeriKKKa.




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