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By Junious Ricardo Stanton




"The United States Government has no moral mandate to uphold. It has a
dismal record securing the human rights of its own nationals who are busy blowing up
building in protest against the Federal State or are training to blow up buildings. In fact
George Washington's republic actually operated on the revenues it collected on a tax on the
trade in human slaves, which was one of the most typical markets of the early republic and was an example of the genuine brutality inherent in the market system. The United StatesGovernment made the holding of slaves as property possible with its massive police
infrastructure, so it was accustomed to serving as a fixture for business."- Gunboat Diplomacy
Coercion In Politics


When we start the psychological deprogramming process, replacing the lies and propaganda we have been feed lo these many years in school, in church and by the mass media about AmeriKKKa being "the land of the free and home of the brave" with truth, it is liberating to finally see this country as the predatory and vicious agglomeration it is. Contrary to myth and propaganda the "founding fathers" were not idealists, social and political revolutionaries, they were businessman, land grabbing thieves and slaveholders engaged in the enterprise of establishing a socio-political system agreeable to their business ventures/interests while retaining all the wealth and benefits of the slave based colonial system for themselves. Remember Adams, Jefferson , Hamilton et al had no tradition or experience in democratic government. In fact they got the idea for a republican form of government from the Native Americans but unlike the Native Americans whose system was truly inclusive, the whites relegated participation to wealthy propertied males like themselves!! England and most of Europe were elitist autocratic monarchies, albeit with some religious, mercantile and banker participation in the affairs of state that were ruthless and repressive in their treatment of their subjects. From this legacy of oppression, the subsequent European invasion and genocide against the indigenous inhabitants of this hemisphere and the government sanction of the kidnapping importation, degradation and dehumanization of Africans, it is no surprise that AmeriKKKa has evolved into an imperialist nation that is now morphing into an oligarchical fascist police state/empire before our eyes. In light of its history, our historic memory and personal experiences in this thoroughly elitist, racist and color obsessed culture, we should not be surprised George W. Bush & Co. have embarked upon a brazen campaign to expropriate the land and resources of not just the so called "Middle East" but the whole planet. After all, what Bush is attempting in Iraq is a mere continuation of what his predecessors did to the Native Americans, what they did in the Caribbean, Central and South America, the Philippines, Hawaii and Southeast Asia. Once we awaken from our culturally induced stupor and the scales fall from our eyes we can see AmeriKKKa as people of color now see it.

 Before there were few if any Negroes (except for Ralph Bunch) involved in international affairs on behalf of the imperialists working against the rest of humanity. This makes Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice's participation in the New World Order all the more nauseating. If you are Online, go to and peruse some of the categories. You will be shocked at the candor of the articles, reports and features. Keep in mind the creators of this site have their own Eurocentric white supremacist agenda; nevertheless it is refreshing to see Europeans tell the truth about themselves. It is a bit overwhelming when you realize human beings and societies are creatures of habit,  that long held attitudes and behavioral patterns are difficult to break and brainwashed people are even more resistant to change. The media/propaganda machine is working overtime to condition the AmeriKKKa sheeple to acquiesce to the ruling elites' fascist global agenda, just as they conditioned earlier generations to go along with the "Indian Removal Acts" and "Manifest Destiny", which resulted in the genocide and subjugation of millions as well as untold ecological damage. Looking at current events from this new perspective and context we are confronted with two choices: go along with the program or resist. As Africans in America we have a long and extensive tradition of resistance. We resisted in ways great and small, we feigned sickness, we burned the crops, we revolted! Deserting the plantations and migrating North or West were effective forms of resistance! Calling for a Double V, double victory, victories against fascism in  Europe and Jim Crow segregation here was a form of resistance. Urban rioting against police brutality or refusing to go to Vietnam were acts of resistance. Not  supporting racist, sexist and   mind numbing media or buying the products of predatory multinational corporations are forms of resistance. Resistance is our tradition, when you think about it, it is our only viable option. Let's not be the first generation of African people to fall for the



 Junious Ricardo Stanton produce and host a Internet radio program titled The Digital Underground which airs live on Sundays from 12 pm- 2 pm eastern standard time on come lets support our warrior!

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