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By Junious Ricardo Stanton

AmeriKKKa Covets African Oil

Interest in African oil has been heightened by preparations for a possible U.S.-led war against Iraq, by a strike by Venezuelan oil workers by political instability in Saudi Arabia, all of which underscore America's vulnerability as its appetite for oil grows. West Africa already supplies about 12% of U.S. crude oil imports, and the National Intelligence Council predicts its share will rise to 25% by 2015. Oil development in West Africa offers many attractions, experts say. Reserves are bountiful, the quality is high, and shipping routes to the U.S. are generally shorter than from other oil-producing regions. "West Africa has certain advantages," said Daniel Yergin, an oil expert and chairman of Cambridge Energy Research Associates. "The big disadvantage is the unstable political situation -- ethnic and regional conflict, civil wars and the issues of corruption and poverty." Indeed, if West African leaders continue to use oil revenue to line their pockets, finance military adventures and repress their citizens, resentment of U.S. foreign policy is likely to grow in the Gulf of Guinea, just as it has in the Persian Gulf, experts say"- Warren Vieth Common Dreams article dated 1-14-03
"Crude oil stocks in America have run dangerously low, raising fears that the government will be forced to tap its strategic reserves even before any full-blown conflict with Iraq." from the Guardian Unlimited Thursday Jan.16th


The Bush administration in it's quest to bogard  world oil has cast its
eyes on the mother land. Unsatisfied to wage war just in the so called "Middle East" over what many refer to as "black gold", remember in g-o-d (gold oil and drugs) they trust, Bush and Co. have put Africa and South America in their cross hairs. Africa is the second largest continent on the planet and one of the richest if not the absolute richest in holistic terms. It holds about 10% of the world's oil reserves.  In addition to minerals such as gold, uranium, platinum, copper, manganese, cobalt, bauxite, iron, tin, gypsum and gem diamonds the West uses to power their hi tech culture and lifestyle, the West especially AmeriKKKa covets the oil reserves within the vast continent. Bush and Co. are greedily ogling Africa, particularly the Western and Southern regions. AmeriKKKa's lust for crude and their fear that global demand will eclipse supply within the next few decades fuels the Bush foreign and energy policies. Most folks know about North African oil, specifically Libya, Algeria, Egypt with their total proven reserves of 41.6 billion barrels and some are familiar with Nigeria, in West Africa, with its proven reserves of 22 billion barrels. But few have paid attention to countries like Cote d'Ivore with proven reserves of 100 million barrels, Congo-Brazzaville with 1.5 billion or Angola with proven reserves of 5.4 billion barrels. You'd be surprised at the amount of oil in Africa. Most don't know about countries like Cameroon with 400 million, Democratic Republic of Congo 187 million barrels and Equatorial Guinea with 508 million barrels of proven crude or countries like Somalia or Sudan that have oil reserves but the geologists don't know how much. This in addition to the other human, mineral and ecological wealth the continent possesses makes it a ready target for the predatory, exploitative and imperialistic cultures of the West.

US Secretary of State Colin Powell made a swing through West Africa last year and plans to return to Africa again in 2003. You can bet your last money he wasn't there to talk about Disney World. The Bush family and their global crime partners have demonstrated an unbridled willingness over the years to engage in all types of intrigue and shed other people's sons and daughters blood in their quest of god (gold oil and drugs), hence the scenario we see developing in the so called Middle East now. George "A-W-O-L" Bush has sent over 120,000 soldiers/ Marines into the Persian Gulf to intimidate Saddam Hussein, or as a not so subtle threat to prompt the Iraqi military to depose him internally so the US and Britain can bogard Iraq, take its' oil, establish an occupational force and presence in the region in case they decide to move on Saudi Arabia next. Make no mistake about it, Africa is on their radar screen and in their gun sight cross hairs. Once they bogard Iraq, and terrify the rest of the countries in the region, they will turn their attention militarily to the Andes in South America, locking on to Columbia and Venezuela. Once these two countries are returned to the neo-colonial fold (they are moving stealth fully in Venezuela and will probably move militarily on Columbia later in the year) they will turn on Africa.  Africa, mainly Western and Southern Africa are ripe for AmeriKKKan political intrigue, "diplomatic" and economic take over, because of the ongoing social and economic instability and internecine warfare, warfare instigated, fueled and armed by the US and her European cohorts. Last year I predicted AmeriKKKa would revisit Venezuela and attempt to topple President Hugo Chaves Frias again, this time using class division, the IMF and World Bank. They will eye Africa next, places like Zimbabwe, Sudan (which also has oil reserves) and Angola. This is what Bush and Company mean by perpetual war, only they use fighting terrorism as their rationale. But just as in Iraq, the people realize its really about god
(gold oil and drugs).



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