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By Junious Ricardo Stanton


Unraveling Lies

"The destruction of the World Trade Center has been burned into popular consciousness as a series of endlessly repeated images of buildings collapsing in a remarkably precise and complete manner, images whose repetition has reduced them to icons without their true nature being understood. The event has become charged with a tremendous emotional energy, a rage that has been used to justify an endless war against the entire world. Yet the destruction of the World Trade Center has never been subjected to the scrutiny it deserves as crime and as an unprecedented engineering failure. Given the scale of the disaster, the loss of life and the unique nature of the collapses, we would expect the most scrupulous possible treatment of the physical evidence from the collapse site to allow for future scientific analysis. What happened instead was an unexplained decision by the city of New York to remove and recycle as much as possible of the structural steel as quickly as possible, scrubbing the crime scene of the great majority of the physical evidence.

Even as 9-11 was unfolding I intuitively knew something was amiss about the story we were being feed by the mass media. As with all things, the truth will emerge through the process of asking the right questions and watching what people do or don't do. Governmental complicity in genocide, warmongering, assassinations and out and out cover ups are nothing new. The kkk was able to operate freely because local, state and federal authorities sanctioned their activities. In August of 1978 following the a violent confrontation assault by Philadelphia Police and Firemen on the back to nature MOVE organization in which one officer, James Ramp was killed, Frank Rizzo the mayor at the time ordered the crime scene completely demolished. Thus Rizzo effectively destroyed all evidence of what really happened, that police officers recklessly shooting haphazardly into the MOVE house on Powelton Avenue killed their co-worker unintentionally. Rizzo used Ramp's death as a ruse to frame, take MOVE down and the mass media colluded to obfuscate the facts. In AmeriKKKa this type of politician police cooperation and chicanery are old hat. The government routinely colluded with groups like the kkk and White Citizens Councils to terrorize Africans in AmeriKKKa and keep them subordinated in a vicious racial cast system known as "segregation" or Jim Crow. The U.S. labor movement in its infancy was brutalized by militia, paid thugs and police. Every war since 1812 has been justified by cunning political intrigue and deceit by the ruling elites to hoodwink the AmeriKKKan public to do their dirty work: kill off the Native Americans, steal Mexican territories and bogard Spain for its colonial possessions in the Caribbean and Pacific. AmeriKKKa become embroiled in WW I and II for imperialistic reasons, why else after fighting wars to preserve "democracy and freedom" would they be so virulently oppressive towards the black soldiers following WW I and so resistant to the Civil Rights movement following WW II? After WW II the ruling elites and their stooges attempted to control the opium drug traffic in the "Golden Triangle" (Thailand, Laos and Burma) following French and British withdrawal under the guise of containing communism in Southeast Asia. The fact of the matter is, the brand of white supremacy practiced in AmeriKKKa was no different from Nazi Germany, only Hitler directed his venom at non "Aryan" whites instead of people of color!

Given this history we should be extremely skeptical about 9-11 and Bush's War on Terrorism. The whole 9-11 scenario has been obfuscated and the Bush administration's credibility is unraveling as the War Against Terrorism mutates into a War Against The World. Make no mistake 9-11 happened, it just didn't happen the way Bush and Co want us to believe it happened; that it was a well planned and financed sneak attack on AmeriKKKa orchestrated by a billionaire Islamic religious fanatic living in a cave in Afghanistan who just happens to suffer from kidney failure?! The corporate owned mass media is part of the flim flam. It has to be because they go for and dish out the Bush administration's okie-doke uncritically. Check out Operation Mockingbird and ask yourself if CIA and media collusion existed in the late 40's early 50's and 60's doesn't it seem plausible, especially in this climate of deceit, disinformation and psychological operations (warfare) against the AmeriKKKan public, that they have expanded the partnership to the point the corporate media is totally in on the program?

Consider this, the "Commission" investigating 9-11 is fraught with compromise. Several of its members have ties to the major airlines or oil and the government, despite throwing mad money into the War on Terrorism has given the 9-11 Commission a meager budget and a time limit. Contrast that with all the money being poured into Bush' War in Iraq? But you never hear anything about that in the corporate owned media, do you? Bush and Co had prior knowledge of terrorists using airplanes as weapons, the F.B.I. was aware of Operation Bojinka (check it out on your search engine) and we still have serious misgivings about the administrations version of what happened on 9-11 (visit . It may shock you to learn no analysis of the steel and rubble of the two World Trade Center towers was even ordered! New York Mayor Rudolph Guilianni (a leader who has in fact gassed his own people) like Rizzo in Philadelphia, after the MOVE assault, ordered the evidence eliminated. The fact the twin towers collapsed so smoothly and evenly caused many to suspect they were imploded! By immediately shipping the evidence overseas or to scrap heaps in New Jersey, Guilianni eliminated any chance the debris could be studied and analyzed to determine why the buildings collapsed like they did. That alone is enough to raise serious engineering and policy questions. Couple that with the Bush administration's move to silence all dissent immediately following 9-11, the limiting of civil and procedural rights of AmeriKKKan citizens due to the rapid, no debate passage of the US PATRIOT and Homeland Security Acts should be cause for serious alarm. Especially when you consider this nation's history of corruption, genocide and cover up of atrocities meted out against people of color, radicals and dissidents on these shores for almost four hundred years. As Africans in AmeriKKKa we know the evil this government is capable of. Pay attention, think critically and don't go for the government's okie-doke. If you look and listen really closely you can see and hear their lies about 9-11, the War on Terrorism and the War in Iraq unraveling.





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